“Contrary to our superficial thinking, there never was a distinction in His mind between home and foreign missions. To Jesus it was all world evangelization.”

Robert Coleman

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Mwamba and Nyema Johnson.jpg

Mwamba and Nyema Johnson

Tim and Niai Byrd.png

Tim and Niai Byrd

Lawrence and Erika.jpg

Lawrence and Erika Brown

Carlos and LaTonya Boston.jpeg

Carlos and LaTonya Boston

Nya Puoch 2.jpeg

Nyachieng Puoch

Justin Brew.jpg

Justin Brew


Mark and Emma Sumrall

Marlene Azer.jpg

Marlene Azer

Jesse and Monica Pauly.jpg

Jesse and Monica Pauly

Allyson Yee 1.JPG

Allyson Yee

chris miller.jpg

Chris and Johana Miller

Aida Serrato.jpg

Aida Serrato

Kareem and Ashley Manuel.jpg

Kareem and Ashley Manuel

Patrick Grant.png

Patrick Grant

Carlos and Amandria Preston.jpg

Carlos and Amandria Preston

Tim and Danielle Miles.jpg

Tim and Danielle Miles

Scotty and Sylvia Hollins.jpg

Scotty and Sylvia Hollins

Paul and SharDavia Walker.jpg

Paul and SharDavia Walker

Sam Ivey.jpg

Sam Ivey

Campus Outreach Augusta

Kristy Wallace.jpg

Kristy Wallace

Jared Dawson.jpg

Jared and Dominique Dawson


Marcus Morgan.jpg

Marcus Morgan

John and Jakell Farmer.jpg

John and Jakell Farmer

Jasmine Thornton.jpg

Jasmine Thornton

Phillip Watkins 1.jpg

Phillip Watkins

Trey Stevenson 1.jpg

Trey and ZaQuayla Stevenson