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"The struggle has always been that, for some reason, it is difficult to raise support for those who are working with minorities... That means we have lost many a good person who was just not able to handle it financially. This is where Byron, and VISION 9:38 will come in to 'fill the gap'."

Terry Parker

Founder/Chairman Emeritus

National Christian Foundation​

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"This area of helping raise the funding of minority missionaries is critical, and Byron Johnson is uniquely qualified to do it."

Rev. Frank M. Barker Jr.

Pastor Emeritus

​Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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VISION 9:38 is an approved charity of NCF.

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VISION 9:38 has obtained a Ministry Mastery Certification from Ministry Ventures. This means that we have participated in a thorough coaching program led by Ministry Ventures coaches and have successfully completed an extensive checklist of requirements that are all designed to instill excellence in every area of the ministry.

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